Reaping the benefits of blended learning

By Dirk Brounen | December 7, 2022 | 1 min read
Since the corona lockdowns forced us to quarantine, executive education has gathered a lot of experience in combining physical and online education - blended learning. Now that the Netherlands is “open” again, it is important to take a critical look back at what this blended form of education has brought us. Which digital educational activities have had real added value, and how do we optimize the blended education of the future?

In the web video below, Marit Spek (TIAS), Dirk Brounen (TIAS & TiSEM) and Ineke Stoop (TiU) discuss the outcomes of project LAX. They evaluate the learning outcomes of a fully blended MRE module from the spring of 2022. How much do online learning activities yield in the learning process? What did the participants think? What should you pay attention to when smartly blending future education?

Answers to these questions, among others, are discussed in this 10-minute video.
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