Prof.dr. Dirk Brounen

Prof.dr. Dirk Brounen

Full Professor
Expert areas: Finance (Behavioural Finance, Capital Markets, Corporate Finance, Financial Analysis, International Finance, Risk Management), Real Estate (Assessment, Investments, Performance Management)

Prof.dr. Brounen has a dual appointment as Professor of Real Estate at Tilburg University. Half of the week he works on his fundamental research agenda at the Tilburg School of Economics and Management (TiSEM), focusing on topics like; the risk and return of real estate investments, sustainability effects in real estate markets, and the performance of listed real estate markets. The other half of the week, Prof.dr. Brounen translates his academic knowledge into practical application at TIAS, where he is appointed as Vice Dean as of September of 2012. Within the Business School, he has set up the Real Estate LAB, an open platform in which academics of Tilburg University can interact with real estate market professionals. The Real Estate LAB is sponsored by; Amvest, FGH Bank, PGGM and PwC.

Before joining Tilburg University, Prof.dr. Brounen graduated at Maastricht University, finished his dissertation work at the University of Amsterdam, spend time as research scholar at Berkeley University, and for the last eight years he worked at RSM Erasmus University in Rotterdam.


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