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Full-time MScBA: more insight into organizations

March 21, 2022 | 1 min read
Pepijn Pieterse is a Junior Financial Reporting Specialist at ABN AMRO as of the fall of 2021. On completing his Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering & Management, he decided to sign up for the Full-time Master in Management at TIAS School for Business and Society. “I’ve gotten where I am today thanks to the knowledge I gained and development I achieved.”

More insight into organizations

Before Pepijn started the Master’s program, he didn’t necessarily have a clear idea of how he wished to develop. “My primary motivation was to gain a Master’s degree by learning more about the world of business administration. I also wanted to give myself more time and space to consider my future career. TIAS supports this by including a Personal and Career Development Program (PCDP) as part of its Master’s program. For instance, a career counselor helps you figure out your values and motivations. Thinking that through carefully, with professional support, gave me a clearer idea of who I am and helped me define what type of job and organization would suit me best much more accurately.”


Pepijn: “I opted for the Full-time Master in Management at TIAS because the program had a strong reputation and I’d heard some good things about it. The combination of a solid foundation in business and management, an opportunity to specialize and also work on my personal leadership skills was very appealing to me.”


Read in the interview how the Full-time MScBA has helped Pepijn become smarter and more serious, understand the business environment better and make faster connections, improving the value of his contributions.

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Full-time MScBA: the fast track into a successful career

As an aspiring business professional, you want to accelerate your career, regardless of the state of the world economy. To compete successfully in the job market, you need to have a clear career goal and a passionate ambition to realize it. In addition, you need a broad range of skills, knowledge and know-how to set yourself apart from the rest. Are you a recent bachelor or master graduate (in any subject area) and want to develop yourself quickly to fast-track your career in business? As an aspiring business professional, you want to accelerate your career, regardless of the state of the world economy.

Our One-year Full-time Master in Management program will enable you to act in and engage with different areas of an organization. The program provides a broad business foundation with the opportunity to specialize in a specific area of choice. 

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Grow at TIAS

At TIAS we believe in Life Long Development, continuous personal, professional and network development during and after your studies. With more knowledge, better skills and a broader network, you will be able to create more impact and be successful.

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