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Testimonial: ‘The Executive MBA made me more visible’

May 10, 2017 | 1 min read

Executive MBA alumnus Rajesh Mandamparambil has a technological background. His ambition was to develop skills that could broaden his career scope into management. Therefore, he chose TIAS. An interview.

'Having a technological background my ambition was to develop skills that could broaden my career scope into management. The MBA course modules have all the elements which have positively influenced my selection of TIAS for that cause.'

How did you experience the program?
'Having a full time job along with a family with young kids and doing an MBA always posed interesting challenges. There was enough support from the course director, program manager and the professors in dealing with challenging assignments and in time management. The participants of the program came from various backgrounds and positions in their career and brought distinct experience and knowledge in the class discussions. More over the high quality and experience of the faculty needs a special mention that increased the learning experience to a new level.' 

In what ways were you able to apply what you have learned in your daily job?
'I was able to apply a number of skills which I acquired during the MBA period in my job. I was instrumental in starting a new technology program and could grow the group to a formidable size. I was able to articulate the technological ideas into value addition steps for partners and customers. Was able to effectively contribute to the goals and strategies of the department and could formulate a robust strategy for years ahead.'

How did your MBA help you by making the next step in your career?
'The MBA made me more visible in the professional network and I was able to position myself as a technological expert with a business acumen. This unique combination and the improved confidence in dealing with all aspects both in personal and professional life, molded me to make the next big step in my career. I was able to radiate the new found knowledge and confidence that has helped me to take up a new and challenging career.'

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Our Executive MBA (Master of Business Administration)places a deep emphasis on enhancing your career. This 2-year degree course is designed to suit your needs when balancing work and study. Targeting key areas, it encompasses academic, personal and societal development. An all-round approach, aimed at making you an accomplished leader both professionally and socially.

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