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Executive MBA Testimonial - Hannie Stappers

January 31, 2017 | 1 min read

TIAS' Executive MBA is very demanding, but also very rewarding. But how hard really is this program? And how do you combine this study with your work and private life? Watch the video of alumna Hannie Stappers and find out the answers and more!

Our Executive MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree is an all-round leadership program. You will develop your professional competencies and strengthen your personal capabilities as well. The course has been put together so as to suit your working requirements. When balancing a career and study with the aim to maximize your potential, our EMBA is a solid stepping stone to greater success.

Watch the video:

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Our Executive MBA (Master of Business Administration) places a deep emphasis on enhancing your career. This 2-year degree course is designed to suit your needs when balancing work and study. Targeting key areas, it encompasses academic, personal and societal development. An all-round approach, aimed at making you an accomplished leader both professionally and socially.

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