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Executive MBA: business and leadership development

November 22, 2022 | 1 min read
Mike Burgers completed the TIAS Executive MBA in 2020. Following his Executive MBA at TIAS, his employer, Moba Groep, designed a new position just for him: Head of Customer Care & Digitization. In this role, Mike is guiding the transformation of their service organization. Mike: “Thanks to the progress I’ve made, I now have much better insight into my personal role towards the teams and individuals under my leadership, the stakeholders within my company, my interactions with customers and the advice I can provide to our board.” 

Developing further in business and leadership

One of Mike’s reasons to do the TIAS EMBA was to dive deeper into how to navigate the interactions between a company’s positioning within its industry, customer needs and macroeconomic trends to support his company’s growth. “I noticed that I could use a bit more grounding to help me achieve that. Additionally, I kept being appointed to leadership and project management roles, despite my lack of relevant training. My background was purely technical. Apparently, I have an aptitude for such roles. I therefore wanted to develop myself in that area as well. An Executive MBA felt like the perfect way for me to improve my business sense and leadership skills.”

Why TIAS: Social corporate responsibility and stewardship

Several things appealed to Mike on first encountering TIAS. “It’s immediately apparent that things at TIAS are more personal and smaller-scale. They dedicate a lot of time and effort to learning from one another, with plenty of interaction during and outside of classes. Then, there’s their slogan, ‘Never stop asking,’ and their focus on sustainability. Social corporate responsibility, for example. The idea that a business should be motivated by stewardship; doing what’s most beneficial to society. To me that’s a whole new perspective, one based on very different values and standards. I thought: this place has a lot to teach me. Looking back, TIAS absolutely fulfilled its promises regarding this study program. I like that.”


Read the interview in which Mike talks about how the Executive MBA made him become much better at making connections between what’s happening within his company and the markets in which they operate.

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Becoming future-proof in leadership and strategic thinking

It takes leadership and strategic thinking to build the right bridges and mobilize the organization. The Executive MBA (EMBA) will help you increase your agility in complex, changing environments – based on a sound understanding of business.

Intensive attention to your personal development and leadership qualities allows you to master your new skills. This way, in situations that require both broad and in-depth knowledge, you’ll know which questions to ask and how to act. That’s how you make the difference. Our English-taught EMBA is a top-ranked 2-year program that lets you combine your work, study and private life.

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Grow at TIAS

At TIAS we believe in Life Long Development, continuous personal, professional and network development during and after your studies. With more knowledge, better skills and a broader network, you will be able to create more impact and be successful.

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