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MSc information management: applying knowledge directly

November 24, 2022 | 1 min read
Veronie Boonk  recently completed the TIAS Executive Master of Information Management and Digital Transformations (MIMDT). Veronie is Digital Transformation Manager at PWN. “I know what’s needed to create a connection between IT and business now, because I’ve learned a deeper perspective.” I am much better at classifying and weighing factors in order to set out a course of action to, for example, achieve a business/IT alignment or define an appropriate architecture for PWN.”

Personal drive

Veronie’s decision to do the Master of Information Management and Digital Transformations was inspired by her personal drive to keep improving in her work each day. However, it was a colleague asking, ‘What do you want to do when you grow up?’ that triggered Veronie to consciously reflect on her own ambitions. The search that followed eventually led her to IT Management. “I am both a manager and an IT person. I really love this combination, where you’re mainly operating in that transitional area between business and IT.”


Veronie’s search to a master in Information Management led to TIAS. At an event about data organized by the business school, she ended up talking to the program’s Academic Director. “He advised me to look into whether this could be the right program for me. I’d completed the TIAS IT Auditing program twenty years earlier, so I knew it was a reputable organization.’’“When I was researching programs, what appealed to me most about the Master of Information Management and Digital Transformations was the combination of theory and practice. In that sense, the program was an unexpectedly positive experience. Veronie is clear on the fact that the knowledge imparted during the program’s various modules was immediately applicable to her own work.



Read in the interview how MIMDT has enabled Veronie to understand her field much better and as a result is able to analyze what it takes to answer specific questions and really achieve goals.

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Bridging the gap between business and it

These are turbulent times for businesses, government agencies and non-profits. Businesses require appropriate technological solutions to fit dynamically changing needs. They are also heavily affected by compliance, data security and the platform economy, which impact both their technology and their organization. How do you successfully implement new technologies? What will your business model look like?

The Executive Master of Information Management and Digital Transformations (MIMDT) gives you practical, immediately applicable skills and knowledge you can use to bridge the gap between business and IT. Read more about MIMDT to discover if this is the program for you.

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