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Executive Master in Finance celebrates anniversary with symposium

By Frans de Roon | June 12, 2014 | 1 min read

The TIAS Executive Master in Finance (MIF) celebrates its 10th year anniversary this June. TIAS organized a symposium for alumni and participants. The speakers were prof.  Jacques Sijben (working at TIAS since the beginning), prof.  Jaap Koelewijn and MIF alumnus and Robeco CEO Roderick Munsters.

The MIF program originates since 2004. In that year the program Financieel Economisch Management (FEM) was revised into MIF.  FEM is one of the first programs of TIAS and was launched in 1986. Academic directors were prof. Piet Duffhues and prof. Jacques Sijben. A cohort had about 15 participants.

At the start of the year 2000 the market wanted an education which was more aimed at company finances. FEM was revised. Content wise the MIF program is about 60 to 70 percent the same as the FEM program. Subjects as risk management and investment theory were added to the curriculum. The program now uses more company cases. The language of the program changed from Dutch to English. Also the plan of the program changed; participants join MiF once per month 3 to 4 days. Prof. Dr. Luc Renneboog was Academic Director.

In 2008, Prof. Frans de Roon took over. Prof. Dr. Jacques Sijben - founder of the program -  is still professor in the program after 25 years. He lectures on international macro-economic developments.

In 2007, TIAS started the program Executive Master of Business Valuation. A complete program for financial professionals who want to specialize in business valuations. For MIF alumni this program is shortened which gives them the possibility to specialize after the MiF program. In 2014 a new track Financial Analyst Track is added to the MiF program. This track offers 2 course specialization for candidates that are working or planning to work in investment management.

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