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Fulltime MBA Testimonial: 'I follow my dreams.'

November 23, 2016 | 4 min read

Prior to pursuing the MBA, Bidisha Dasgupta from India was working as a SAP consultant for global software majors. It entailed designing and implementing SAP solutions for clients who were looking to streamline their business operations and enhance productivity. ‘It was a challenging and interesting role, but after a while I felt the need to step back a bit, reassess the kind of work I was doing and the kind of work I envisioned myself doing in the future. I did not want to limit myself to just the technical domain, and then I decided it was time to go back to school.’ And so she did.

‘At the time of applying for the MBA, I had almost seven years of work experience. At that juncture, I was confident that I had the right amount of experience and exposure needed to successfully pursue a full-time MBA program,’ Bidisha tells.  

Having worked in global projects, she was accustomed to working in a multi-cultural environment. She knew it would hold her in good stead during the international MBA experience. Bidisha: ‘Also, I had primarily worked in the technical domain of SAP, and was eager to make a transition to the business/functional side. I felt that the MBA would be a very effective instrument towards achieving that goal.’

Why did you choose the TIAS MBA?
‘While starting the process of shortlisting business schools, I was clear in my mind that Europe was to be my destination. There were a couple of reasons behind this choice. 
During my years as a SAP consultant, I had spent a year and a half in Stockholm, working for a global fashion retailer. It was a truly amazing experience in every way. Not only did I get the chance to work in a truly international and dynamic industry which was implementing the latest in SAP, I also got the opportunity to travel quite a bit around Europe. This period left a huge impression on my mind and I was determined to return to Europe for higher education. Additionally, the fact that European MBAs were one-year programs was an attractive option for a working professional like me, as it meant that I didn’t need to take a prolonged break from working. This also made it much more financially viable for me.

Moreover, I had friends studying at various Dutch universities who provided very positive feedback about the education system there. So that made me focus on the Netherlands.’ 

Next was the question of which business school. Bidisha: ‘I was looking for a program that would be an authentic international experience, was well-recognized and had the necessary accreditations. And TIAS MBA fit the bill perfectly. Its unique three-fold development approach – Academic, Personal made for an interesting curriculum and program structure. The Societal Program and PDCP were the key differentiators. Additionally, the study tours added to the international flavor of the program. The relatively small class size was also an advantage because it meant a more focused, intimate experience.  

Last but not the least, TIAS’s generous and diverse scholarship offerings were a huge plus. The way these scholarships were categorized maximized the chances of success for potential candidates. It ensured that I could turn my MBA dreams to reality and not get deterred by financial burdens.’ 

Copyright: Bidisha Dasgupta

How was your overall one-year MBA experience?
‘At the end of this one year, I can proudly say that I am glad I took this leap of faith and went to TIAS. To leave a secure job, step out of your comfort zone and go back to school leads to a lot of anxiety and apprehension because of the uncertainty. However, personally speaking, it has been completely worth it. The dedicated support and encouragement of the TIAS faculty and administration has contributed to making this year an enriching experience and an unforgettable adventure. This year has helped me grow academically, professionally and personally; and I will always cherish the lessons learned both inside and out of the classroom. Great faculty, stimulating lectures, interesting assignments, brainstorming sessions, study trips, personal coaching, career guidance – the focus was on all-round development. There have been so many new things to learn, and also importantly, old things to learn in a completely new way.
Not to forget making friends from all over the globe and imbibing the incredible diversity in the classroom. It has brought me one huge step closer to being a global citizen.’

How will you use the knowledge and skills acquired through your MBA in the future?
‘As I have mentioned before, my chief reason for doing the MBA was to make a transition from the technical to the managerial/business side. The plan was to leverage my technical expertise in conjunction with the academic knowledge acquired through the MBA, and thereby add a new dimension to my career. 

Prior to the MBA, I did not feel prepared or equipped enough to apply for such positions; but now with the MBA experience, I can aspire for a wide variety of interesting roles. My core interest areas are innovation and sustainability. In today’s rapidly evolving world, sustainable growth is of paramount importance, and global enterprises need to adapt and innovate their practices to that end.

The academic program at TIAS and my MBA internship at SAP Netherlands have given me the solid platform that I needed to venture into areas that I had not been associated with before. For me, this has been the biggest gain from the MBA. It has opened up so many different avenues in front of me by increasing my knowledge and awareness on a lot of topics. If I had not done the MBA, I would have probably been limited to pursuing career options that were closely aligned with my previous work experience. But now, I have the opportunity to push the boundaries and follow my dreams.’ 

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