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5th edition of Strategy: international perspective

By Ron Meyer | October 31, 2014 | 1 min read

The fifth edition of the book Strategy – Process, Content, Context examines strategy from an international perspective. The structure of this edition is the same as the first four: various strategic ways of thinking are explained on the basis of theory, interviews and cases. The book is the third best sold book on strategy worldwide.

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Strategic theories are explained using series of contradictory insights, lectures and cases. The structure is to incite students and professionals to enter into discussion and debate during classes. This new edition focuses special attention on the role of China and India in the business world. The various strategic schools of thought from these countries are also examined in this book.

Ron Meyer, professor of corporate strategy at TIAS School of Business and Society: “This edition is even more internationally oriented than the previous editions.Strategy: Process, Content, Contextis the only book that sheds light on strategy on an academic level. Which is why this book is the most popular exercise book on strategy in some countries.

Strategy 5th Edition An International Perspective

  • Ron Meyer, professor of Corporate Strategy TIAS School for Business and Society
  • Bob de Wit, founder and director of Strategy Works and Strategy Academy 

928 pages, Publisher: Cengage Learning, 2014   

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