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What are strategic tasks for the housing corporations?

October 27, 2014 | 1 min read

What are the new strategic tasks of housing corporations in a changing local and regional field of influence? In co-operation with Aedes, TIAS School for Business and Society, under the supervision of Prof. dr. Cor van Montfort, is conducting a long-term research project on the future of housing corporations. The third phase of this research project recently got underway. The research team consists, in addition to Prof. dr. Cor van Montfort, of Dr. Martin Schulz and Eva Buwalda-Groeneweg MA, all affiliated with TIAS.

This study examines various questions, for example, what is the significance of the discussion on core tasks, the mandatory separation of social and commercial real estate, the renter's levy and the multiple role of municipalities with respect to the strategy of the corporations? What are the differences between the strategic responses of large and small corporations or between corporations that mainly own property in urban or in rural areas? Are the corporations tackling the new strategic tasks on their own, or together with partners and if so, which partners?

Round table meeting

The study attempts to find answers to these and other questions. Exploratory talks with director-administrators of housing corporations and with other experts within the housing corporation sector have meanwhile taken place. A questionnaire survey is to be conducted in the period to come and interviews have been scheduled with housing corporations and their cooperative partners, such as the municipalities and care institutions. A Round Table Meeting is to be organized and we ill contribute to the spring conference 2015 of the Public Management LAB and the spring congress of Aedes in March 2015.

The results of the research will be published in the form of a book and are to be incorporated in the educational program of TIAS. In doing so, we will explicitly seek cooperation between the research and training programs of TIAS and the various LABS, such as the Real Estate LAB. In the period to come, we will keep you informed of this research project and of other future activities on the TIAS website.

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