The strategic agri-food agenda for Europe

By Theo Camps | August 1, 2016 | 1 min read

Recently prof. dr. Theo Camps presented the IFAMA Europe strategic agenda to EU Commissioner Phil Hogan. The event took place in Aarhus in Denmark as part of the yearly IFAMA conference.

The main topics of the common agricultural policy of the EU are:
• Sustainable growth in jobs
• Effective EU spending in agriculture
• More energy effectiveness and less carbon dioxide
• More direct payments for farmers.


These policy concerns are not limited to the public sector, and at this point the IFAMA agenda comes in. Execution of the EU policy heavily relies on collaboration between public and private sector organizations, knowledge institutions, investors and community initiatives.Without recognition of chains and networks that shape and forge transformation, policies will join predecessors on the graveyard of good intentions.

Central to the IFAMA agenda are several issues:
• Feeding 9 billion people
• Food as an essential prerequisite for vitality and healthy living
• Sustainable food systems and closing the loop in a circular economy
• The power of big data to fuel efficient agrifood value chains
• The rise of demand-driven agri-food systems
• Human capital, indispensable in a changing world

Innovative capacity of Europe 

In the agenda these issues are outlined in a first draft of the research areas that IFAMA Europe will cover together with triple helix partners. With 2020 in view research programs and projects will be based on the strategic outline the agenda provides.
The IFAMA strategic agenda is a great guideline for professionals and academics who want to contribute to the innovative capacity of Europe. 

Prof. dr. Theo Camps 

Camps is the chairman of the European branche of IFAMA, the global association of agriculture and food organizations. IFAMA is very much of importance in the connection between TIAS and Wageningen University and bridges the management department of Wageningen (prof. dr. Onno Omta) and our own business school.

The IFAMA strategic agenda was drafted by the core group of IFAMA Europe. The actual writing (with gratitude) was done by Edwin Lambregts and Stephany Wagenaar, two senior consultants of The Berenschot Group.

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