Ronald Meijers joins TIAS

October 9, 2023 | 1 min read

On September 1, 2023, Ronald Meijers joined TIAS School for Business and Society as an Adjunct Professor. Ronald Meijers is also CEO/Group Chairman at ABAB Accountants & Adviseurs.

Ronald will be teaching various lectures at TIAS during which he will share his expertise and real-world experience. He is a true subject matter expert, with extensive executive and management experience in the world of professional services, including over three decades as a management adviser.

He draws on a wealth of knowledge regarding mission, vision and strategy development, complex changes, boardroom dynamics, leadership development, cultural transformation, executive coaching & team building, commercial excellence, team building and performance management. Ronald combines this expertise with ample experience as a lecturer in the field of executive education.

‘Nothing is as practical as a good theory’

Ronald says, “What decided it for me is that TIAS is a purpose-driven business school; that matches my own views perfectly. I love to tackle real-world experiences using scientific concepts – preferably well-substantiated ones. ‘Nothing is as practical as a good theory.’ Additionally, I’m a great believer in inspiring a changed mindset through behavioral change instead of the other way around. In my teaching, I always aim for that combination of a convincing model and directly applicable behavioral skills.’

Ronald gained his Masters in Law from VU Amsterdam between 1979 and 1985. Go here for Ronald’s biography.

Experienced, Impassioned World-Class Lecturers at TIAS

TIAS employs a team of world-class lecturers who are impassioned, experienced and renowned and combine impressive academic knowledge with strong ties to business, society and academia. The addition of Ronald Meijers further enriches the study program at TIAS, supporting its mission of the provision of high-quality education to future leaders who want to bring out the best in themselves and make an impact for their organization and its environment.

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