Participants blog: What will my next job be?

October 23, 2014 | 1 min read

What is the strategic purpose of Hugo Ouwehand, participant of the TIAS Executive Master of Operations and Supply Chain Excellence (MOS). After almost completing his studies, it's time to find a job. But which one?

The other day I attended a seminar on Leadership in the Supply Chain. Do supply chain managers require specific qualities on leadership, which leadership style suits best? We asked ourselves how to successfully lead a team in a demanding environment where performance is monitored constantly, results are immediate and transparant (especially bad results), circumstances are rapidly changing and competition is always out to tackle you. The answer to these questions is, as usual: “It depends”.

The three most promising leadership styles were called Coaching, Inspiring and Participating. I especially liked the Coaching style. Why? Because it is easy to understand using sports as a metaphor. A leader in sports is called a coach. So if Coaching leadership is successfull, any team led by a coach should be successfull as well, right? Not really.

Have a look at the Dutch football team. 3rd in the 2014 Worldcup coached by Van Gaal, now, under Hiddink, struggling to qualify for the European championships. What has changed? Apart from leadership, I would say that it is a combination of strategic purpose and vision, the importance of which I came to appreciate during my studies at TIAS.

 Although still jobless, with my studies almost concluded, I have given much thought to the strategic purpose I would like my next job to have. What do I expect a new job to bring me? Now, but also five years from now. Is it meaningful? Can I make a difference? Will it fulfill my desire to keep on learning? All those questions millions of middle-aged men ask themselves.... Finding strategic purpose in your own life.

I wonder what was the ulterior motive for Hiddink and Van Gaal to accept the job. What was their  strategic purpose? For Van Gaal, I would say he wanted rehabilitation for the first time he acted as coach of the national team and failed to qualify for the 2002 worldcup. For Hiddink, it might be nothing more than a nice position to end his impressive career with. Well Guus, should they fire you before the end of your contract and should you be forced to sell the house and live in a caravan, you can always contact me for advice.


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