Life after TIAS: Founding 'Your Lean Guide'

February 20, 2019 | 1 min read
A blog post written by Rudy Gort from the Netherlands | Full-time MBA alumnus 2006-2008

Why I did an MBA? After my master in Building Technology at Delft University, I worked for ten years in different consultancy roles. The line of work was mainly focused on streamlining business processes. I touched upon all facets of business, which I to wanted understand more profoundly. I decided to do an MBA in order to broaden my understanding of business. And, at same time, learn more about myself and from other students with a number of years of professional experience.

How has your career developed since the MBA?

During some of the first classes of my MBA, I fell in love with the concept of ‘lean thinking’. It is about continuous improvement, and (even more appealing) is based on the concept of respect for people. This part related close to my values and, therefore, I looked for a job that matched this. I worked for five years as a Lean Manager at a construction company. However, I felt I wanted to spread my wings and start for myself. I did so by writing books about Lean in project environments. A subject that is heavily misunderstood.

How do you use what you learned from TIAS?

It is not just about what you learn at TIAS in class, but also the path you take yourself. I submerged myself fully in lean thinking, by every paper we had to write I cross-related it with lean. The mix made my understanding much stronger and enabled me to become an expert by writing a book and starting my own company. The action to do so was partly shaped by one of the final classes in the MBA: Entrepreneurship. An MBA helps you by knowing what you are talking about, and this gives faith in yourself and what you do.

My advice to you!

Try to find your own core values, make choices that match those values, and keep striving for happiness instead of income. When you are doing things you love, you will ultimately make some good money. And this feels much better in the end. It’s an endless source of energy, for everyone, also for (your) employees! Good luck!

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