A year at TIAS: TIAS and your future

December 20, 2018 | 2 min read

Hi there, this year went fast! I started TIAS in September 2017 and am now sitting in the last class I will ever have at TIAS. Time flies when you’re having fun. When I started my journey in September I wouldn’t have thought this time would go by that fast. At that point I was still doubting whether I should pursue a Master’s program meaning I would miss another year in the business environment. As I was already 23, I was full of stress that I would be too old to enter the job market without any experience.

However, I ended up making the decision to pursue my Master and to enhance my curricular experience instead of gaining working experience. The first day of class I entered the class room not knowing what to expect, when I walked in and had my first chit chats I came to the conclusion that this was the best decision I could have made. My fellow class mates consisted of internationals, experienced workers and people just like me expanding their curricular experience. Internationals searching for an international experience broadening their horizons and experienced workers who came to the conclusion that in order to move up within a company you do need a Masters. The last point made me feel happy with my choice, this would again confirm that it is a good decision to do a Masters after your Bachelor as it opens up more opportunities in the job market in the long-term. Meeting internationals is also a big plus, meeting people from new cultures and understanding their culture offers interesting perspectives.

The curriculum at TIAS has a perfect mix of different classes. You start the year with basic foundation courses learning about business on all important subjects ranging from marketing to finance and then in January you will make your choice on which subject you want to pursue as a specialisation. I chose finance, scary at first as it could be very difficult and challenging, but now I can say it has been a good choice. The reason that is has been a good choice is because of the learning guidance from TIAS, next to experienced lecturers who are involved with every single student, TIAS provides good guidance in terms of coaches and program managers who you can always ask for help and advice. So even if you think TIAS will be challenging, they will support you and make sure you will come through and deliver the results you aimed for.

Due to the diverse learning environment and the interactive classes, every day is another day full of inspiring dialogues and ideas. TIAS gives you a platform to meet new people, broaden your network and see new opportunities and innovative solutions. Not only is this Master program a program that gives you an educational advantage but also friendships can be made through social events. TIAS organizes different borrels (typically Dutch), events, parties and even an end-of-the-year gala.

Lastly, TIAS doesn’t stop at giving you social relations and educational advancement but also it will help you find an actual job. It’s because of TIAS that I had the opportunity to get to know CBRE, Randstad and Trifinance all companies that have my interest now. TIAS has given me everything to be fully prepared for my working life and I have no regrets at all in the choice I made past September.

This blog was written by Full-time MScBA student Lauren Dorjee (23) from the Netherlands.

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