Full-time Master of Science in Business Administration (MScBA)

Location and start date
September 12, 2019
Duration 1 year
Study load 40-50 hours / week
Fees € 23,500
Accreditations MSc

TIAS Full-time MScBA: The Best MScBA in the Netherlands 

As an aspiring business professional you want to accelerate your career, regardless of the state of the world economy. To compete successfully in the job market, you need to have a clear career goal and a passionate ambition to realize it. In addition you need a broad range of skills, knowledge and know-how to set yourself apart from the rest.

Our Full-time Master of Science in Business Administration degree course program will enable you to act in and engage with different areas of an organization. You will not only acquire the necessary knowledge and skills but also get ample opportunity to practice and apply them in theoretical and practical settings. To further shape you as a responsible business leader, you will also take into regard the various social impacts and consequences of business decisions.

Why choose TIAS:

a day in the life of a TIAS student:
  • Best Master in Management in The Netherlands - The Economist 2017
  • Best Dutch Master in Business Administration - Elsevier Best Studies, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014
  • TIAS is the Best Business University 2016 - KeuzeGids Masters 2016
  • # 50 worldwide Global Masters in Management Ranking - Financial Times 2018
  • Significantly advance your career prospects with our tailored Personal Leadership and Career Development program
  • Combine a business foundation with a fast track focus in marketing, finance, investment, change management or business analytics
  • Enjoy faster access to the job market with our 1-year master (no pre-master required) 
  • Enjoy personal attention, from admission to graduation and beyond 

Want to know what studying at TIAS is all about? Read the experiences of the MScBA participants on the blog A year at TIAS.

Ambition alone is not enough to propel you into a successful career. Without clear goals, or a development strategy, you face stiff competition. Define yourself as an aspiring professional by developing a broad range of skills, a sound footing in general business and management and a deep insight into what drives and motivates business success.

Our Full-time Master of Science and Business Administration is an English speaking, 4-step program, completed over a 12-month period. This course is specifically designed for you to develop the competencies needed to overcome challenges in the business world. Open up international opportunities with broader insights into global economics. Fulfill higher career goals by refining your skill set. Become a more balanced and accomplished leader, professionally and socially.

Program Aims

The depth and scope of the program allows you to:
  • take advantage of the fastest route from the classroom to the career you had intended
  • ensure a solid grounding in general abilities while also allowing you a focus field of your choice
  • immerse yourself in a truly international environment with multi-ethnic fellow students, renowned international faculty and a study trip abroad
  • get further societal understanding for balanced judgments and superior decisions

Personal Leadership and Career Development 

TIAS offers a Personal Leadership and Career Development Program (PLCD). This program is geared towards helping you understand better who you are and what you are capable of, so that you can establish, and work towards your ultimate career goal. We do this by providing individual and team coaching sessions, workshops about personal skills and skills for finding a job. 

End Result: Master’s Degree

Upon successful completion you will receive the degree title Master of Science in Business Administration (MScBA). In addition this program has received national NVAO (Dutch Flemish Accreditation Organization) accreditation. The business school has institutional (AACSB) accreditation. The specialization track Investment Management is accredited by the Chartered Financial Analyst Institute (CFA). 


Classes are as diverse as possible with a wide range of geographical, educational and professional backgrounds. About 50% of the students in our program come from abroad, while the other half is made up of internationally-minded Dutch nationals. Some have professional experience, while most come straight from their bachelor degree.

Continual debate with your classmates will help you delve deeper into how cultures other than your own think and act in business. Become challenged by different philosophical, moral, social and cultural views. Our full-time MScBA encourages you to develop a broader perspective on business, gaining you an international foothold and unparalleled career prospects.

Course Outline

The program is built up out of 4 stages and affords you the opportunity to combine an internship or exchange program with your study.

Before You Start

If you need additional knowledge in certain areas, our preparatory courses will bring you up to speed before you start the program. Topics include fundamentals in accounting, quantitative methods, academic writing, Business Research.

Stage 1: Foundation courses
The foundation courses provide the fundamentals of business and management.

Stage 2: Track courses
This stage sets you off on a specific specialist track of your choice. Available tracks encompass: Marketing Management, Financial Management, Investment Management, Change Management and Business Analytics.

Stage 3: Integration Courses
Here you will connect and build upon the knowledge and skills acquired in the previous stages, deepening your understanding and broadening your insight.

Full-time students have the opportunity to do an internship within the framework of the program so as to gain workplace experience

Exchange Program
Exchange programs are available at partner institutes to ramp up your international exposure.

Stage 4: Thesis Project
The program concludes with a thesis project in the form of a detailed and original academic report on a specific marketing, finance, investment, or business issue. It is an ideal way to test your newly acquired ideas and skills, enhance your career prospects and prove your capabilities.

If you want more information about the content of the modules of these stages, contact the Program Adviser.

Successful enrollment in our Full-time MScBA is subject to a number of admission requirements. This is to maintain admissions quality. That way you can benefit from a high potential, motivated group of talented individuals to further enhance your learning experience.

Admisssion requirements

  • A bachelor degree in any field
  • An average (GPA) of 3.0 out of 4.0 or 7 out of 10, or an overall average of 80 from 100% (B on a scale of A to F)
  • You must take the TIAS Capacity Test (TCT). Candidates who have taken the GMAT and have a score of 550 or above are exempt from the TCT.
  • Proficiency in English, demonstrated by being a native English speaker or having taken your bachelor program in English
  • If you are a non-native English speaker, you will need to take one of the following tests:
    • TOEFL (90 iBT)
    • IELTS (6.5 overall band)
  • Depending on your bachelor background and test results, you may be required to attend all or one of the preparatory courses

Upon receipt of your application our Program Adviser will contact you to arrange an interview. Your interview will take place with a member of the Admissions Board.

Application deadline

We strongly advise you to submit your application as soon as you have made your decision. This will increase your chances of acceptance, particularly if you are an international student and will need to apply for a visa

Preparatory courses

The preparatory courses are designed to bring you up to the required Full-Time MScBA entry level. The recommended courses must be completed before the start of master. The program contains the following modules:

  1. Academic Writing and Study Skills
  2. Basic Accounting and Finance
  3. Quantitative Methods in Business
  4. Business Research & Reports
  5. Accounting and Finance Computing Applications
  6. Advanced Quantitative Methods in Business

The costs of the modules are € 300 each. This includes access to our digital learning environment, digital course materials and teaching support during actual classes.

The actual pre-master study load is dependent on your level of academic ability. This will be assessed during your evaluation of your application, the Admissions Board will determine which preparatory courses are required.

"The faculty selected to instruct in the MScBA program are distinguished senior faculty from TIAS School for Business and Society, Tilburg University and other well-known institutes around the globe. They are selected for their demonstrated teaching ability and field experience. You benefit from the knowledge and experience of active researchers and seasoned practitioners in their respective fields. All of our instructors share TIAS’ commitment to distributing and creating knowledge. MScBA students engage with and learn from these scholar-practitioners in a variety of settings at different stages of the program and in a range of ways, from class to case discussions and debates to in-class hands-on experiments or out-of-class consultations."
Prof. dr. Jalal Ashayeri, Academic Director

Academic Director

Jalal Ashayeri
Jalal Ashayeri
Full Professor
Dr. Ashayeri is professor of Supply Chain Management at TIAS Business School and School of Economics and Management, Department of Econometrics and Operations Research at the Tilburg University. He is Academic Director of MScBA programs of TIAS, the Utrecht Campus.  Dr. Ashayeri is also a member of the Center for Economic Research (CentER) at... » read more

The Full-time International MSc in Business Administration provides you with the latest theories, techniques and skills. You also obtain an extensive professional network. Therefore participants and alumni believe the program has been of great value. Three months after graduation, over 90% of them are employed in the career they desired.

Want to know what studying at TIAS is all about? Read the experiences of the MScBA participants on the blog A year at TIAS.

  • Yvette Zzauer
    Nationality: Hungarian
  • Antony Arnold
    Nationality: Dutch/British

    "Before I started at TIAS I was working for a small company in a junior management position. I found that my progress was hindered by a lack of management capacity and I found myself falling into a career path that didn’t match my initial ambitions. I decided to take on a master’s degree to re-skill and re-align my personal ambitions.

    The course has challenged me, opened my mind and introduced me to many fascinating people and experiences. I have developed academically and personally and have been amazed by the reaction I receive from Dutch employers now compared to before. I eventually accepted the offer of an internship with Heineken that will take me to Africa for six months to learn about their channel sales and distribution. Overall the Full-Time International MSc in Business Administration at TIAS has been a rewarding and memorable experience and I take the next steps in my career confident of my own abilities and knowledge."

  • Khanh Nguyen
    Nationality: Vietnamese

    "After my first month, I told myself and everyone around me that this was one of the best decisions I had ever made in my life. TIAS has well-equipped facilities, exceptional teaching quality, and is also a very friendly environment. I have met and worked with people from all over the world, improved my research skills, and developed my team work aptitude. The staff is also very supportive – whether I have an academic or personal issue. Utrecht is a very nice city with many international students who can help you to open your mind with their stories and experiences. I love my pink bicycle – it takes me all over the city and saves me money. And who doesn’t love a free gym? I highly recommend TIAS …it is like another home."

  • Veronica Giunta
    Nationality: Italian
    "If I look back at myself in September last year, just before the start of the MSc in Business Administration, I see a different person. This year at TIAS changed me into a better person and gave me the opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills needed for my future career. I not only learned a lot about marketing and business, but I also learned a lot about myself. Now it is clear to me who I am, what I want and where I want to go. Having become aware of these aspects, I am now more confident that I will become successful. Success is, in fact, just being yourself, knowing your destination and also being able to change the path to get there."

Total program price € 23,500.

The Full-time MScBA includes:

  • Application fee of € 100. Applications can only be considered upon receipt of the non-refundable application fee.
  • Enrolment fee of € 2,000. Candidates accepted need to pay the enrolment fee to secure their place at TIAS. This fee covers registration and related administration costs, and is non-refundable.
  • All study books
  • All reading materials
  • Access to the Virtual Campus
  • Alumni site access where you can browse specialist webinars and must-read articles
  • An international study trip

This course is exempt from VAT.

You may need to follow one or more preparatory courses in order to step up your academic level to the required entry level. The price of a course is € 300. Find more information on preparatory courses under our admission requirements section.


A limited number of scholarships are available to candidates with an outstanding academic record. These individuals will show strong leadership qualities that will significantly enhance the diversity. When making scholarship decisions, the TIAS admissions board reviews all application materials submitted by candidates and assesses each candidate's overall qualities: academic profile, strength of overall admissions application, quality of admissions interview, and employability. 
Scholarships available for the Full-time MScBA:

  • TIAS Academic Excellence Scholarship
  • TIAS Women in Business Scholarshio
  • TIAS Leadership Scholarship
  • TIAS Sustainability Scholarship
  • TIAS International Diversity Scholarship
  • TIAS Nuffic Neso Orange Tulip Scholarship

Please contact our Program Adviser if you have any questions about applying for a scholarship.

Societal Fund Loan Program for excellent international students

In addition to our scholarships, TIAS offers a loan program for excellent international students in financial need called Societal Fund Loan Program (SFL). With this fund, students can take out a loan for a maximum amount of € 10,000. The loan can even be combined with a scholarship. For more information, please contact your Program Adviser.

Non-EU students following a full-time study in The Netherlands, are required by law to have both a valid visa and residency permit.

Visa help

We are happy to assist you in all your visa application matters. Whether you need visa advice, or want us to take care of the whole procedure. Our International Office is dedicated to helping you with your visa concerns.

Residency Permit

Non-EU students must have a residency permit in addition to their visa. A pre-condition for obtaining a residency permit is having valid health insurance. Our International Office will gladly guide you through the process, or advise you further.

What we need from you

To successfully handle your visa and residency permit applications we need the following:

  • a copy of your acceptance letter (provided by us);
  • a copy of all relevant passport pages;
  • proof of sufficient funding, either by you, by a sponsor or jointly;
  • proof of health insurance;

Dependent upon your nationality, the immigration office may have additional requirements. We will gladly provide you with further information. It is important to note that under Dutch immigration laws a visa obtained through TIAS is always restricted to a stay for the purposes of study only.


Should you choose to remain in The Netherlands after graduation, you may be eligible to extend your stay under the Admission Scheme for Highly Educated Migrants. You can obtain a one-year residency extension for the purpose of finding work as a highly skilled migrant, or by starting an innovative company.

Read more about the Admission Scheme for Highly Skilled Migrants


We are pleased to provide international full-time students with a number of housing options. We have various housing options available across the city, Utrecht. All apartments are fully furnished, modern and close to campus.

Accommodation through TIAS:

  • Residential shared house two- to four-people

Accommodation through Short Stay Solutions (students must register themselves):

  • student flats
  • halls of residence

Once you are admitted, additional housing resources are available. If you need assistance with finding accommodation, please contact your program adviser.

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Download brochure

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Jessica Doppler
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