A year at TIAS: My decision for TIAS and experience

March 26, 2019 | 1 min read

After graduating from my Bachelor’s, I never would have thought to pursue a Master’s degree. I found a Sales job for a global education company but after 1,5 years wondered whether I was on the right track, doing what I really wanted. In my search of a new challenge I noticed that the more interesting jobs on the market required either years of working experience or a higher educational level. I started considering and investigating the option of going back to school, and then I heard of TIAS. The program they offered suited me perfectly, as this allowed me to both reset and identify my desired career direction while leaving the job market for only a year. Additionally, not having to study for- and take the GMAT saved me time and money! 

Now we are already over halfway into the program, and I haven’t doubted my choice for a single moment. What struck me the most was the level of commitment and flexibility the school and lecturers offer to help you perform well! I remember I was astonished to see that at one point, a project deadline was moved because we already had one in that same week. And not only do the (international) lecturers have impressive track records and is a PhD more of a rule rather than exception, they teach in an interactive way and are very approachable. In addition, there is a really nice working atmosphere within the school and students in general are really motivated. That is important, since there is a lot of group work involved.

There are also several committees where you can partake in. I have decided to apply for the TIAS Student Consultancy (TSC) Committee, which basically means an extra real-life business project you have to acquire and execute with a team of selected students. This not only helps building your resume, but also is a chance to work with and get to know more people from your year.

The above and of course the unlimited coffee- and fruit supply at school makes this year a successful one, passing way too quickly!

This blog was written by Full-time MScBA student Simon Langeveld (28) from the Netherlands.

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