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Oscar David is the new Leadership Excellence teacher

July 17, 2015 | 1 min read

The core team of teachers of the TIAS Senior Executive Program have welcomed the addition of organizational psychologist Oscar David.David will be responsible for the content and structure of the Leadership Excellence master class.

David is an organizational psychologist, executive coach, consultant, and speaker on leadership and change. In the past 25 years he has supported leaders and professionals at the top of many international companies, ministries and other government organizations, and healthcare institutions. He is author of the books The Enneagram for Managers and Macht!: van instinct tot integriteit (in Dutch)

David says in regards to the Leadership Excellence master class: "This program is intended for experienced top managers. They must continually solve complex issues under high pressure. Both time pressures and high pressure from stakeholders, internally and externally, are very common. They can become entangled in this because they continually have to manage the expectations of the people around them.
In the Leadership Excellence master class they are given the time and the opportunity to reflect on their behavior and on their role and aspirations as leaders. Theory is being offered through concepts, models, and many case studies. In addition, they can make the theory as practical as possible in the provided exercises. That way, they can come to a better assessment of their own and others' behavior and achieve further deepening and awareness in order to get a better understanding of their abilities and motivations and to develop them further."

Leadership Excellence Master Class
The Leadership Excellence Master Class focuses on important leadership paradoxes.In two inspiring sessions over the course of three days, you will get to work with different forms of leadership and you will develop a holistic perspective on leadership. 

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