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Nicolette van Gestel appointed as Crown-appointed member

By Nicolette van Gestel | August 19, 2014 | 1 min read

Professor Nicolette van Gestel has been appointed by the Crown as a member of the Social and Economic Council (SER). Van Gestel has been associated with the Tilburg University TIAS as a Professor of New Steering Methods in Social Security and Employment Services since 2012. The SER appointed 3 other Crown-appointed members, namely Saskia Klosse, Fieke van der Lecq and Ed Nijpels.

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Prof. Dr. N.M. (Nicolette) van Gestel (1957) completed her studies in social geography and obtained a Ph D in public administration at the Radboud University Nijmegen. A leading theme in the work of Van Gestel is the debate on the distribution of tasks and responsibilities between the government, the market and the civil society in the public domain. Van Gestel led many national and international research projects into the possibilities of having private and public parties work together in sectors such as social security, labor market, education, transport and energy. Van Gestel was chairman of the Dutch Association for Labor Relationships from 2006-2012.

The Social and Economic Council is made up of representatives from employees' and employees' organizations and of so-called Crown-appointed members (experts appointed by the government). As the Council has three parties (sections), the composition is also referred to as tripartite.
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