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Decision Making for Pension Boards

By Alfred Slager | October 4, 2023 | 1 min read
Responsible for trillions to manage for future pensioners, pension boards have stepped into the global spotlight, and they are expected to deliver, day in, day out. How can boards improve the quality and speed of decision making, keeping their heads cool, without ignoring complexities and long-term effects? 

Having an international reputation as experts in the field, Martijn Vos and Alfred Slager combine their global experiences in decision making into an effective framework to help pension boards tackling today’s challenges as long-term investments & liabilities, mandates, complex implementations and needed agility in times of market disruptions. 

Practical handbook for pension boards

Decision Making for Pension BoardsRead tangible steps to plan & improve and prevent being dragged into panic, inertia, or advisor dependency. This practical handbook includes topics as a decision-making framework, SAA, ALM modeling, ethics, sustainability, tackling board biases, behavioral challenges and deciding in times of crisis. To the point, great examples, and challenging your own decision making.  

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About Alfred Slager

Alfred Slager is Professor of Pension Fund Management at TIAS School for Business and Society, Tilburg University, The Netherlands. His focus is organizational design and implementation of institutional investor teams. He is a board member at pension fund ABP, one of the largest pension funds worldwide. He is in several other investment committees too. He works with boards and publishes books on investment governance and institutional investments and regularly speaks at conferences.

About Martijn Vos

Martijn Vos is Chief Operating Officer at Ortec Finance and has advised pension funds, insurers and sovereign wealth funds since 1995. Martijn advises the boards of several large European pension plans, with strategic asset allocation and ALM as two areas of expertise. 

Martijn is regularly chairing or speaking at conferences in the field of pensions and investments and is guest lecturer at Nyenrode Business School, TIAS School for Business and Society, Netspar and Erasmus University.

TIAS Netspar Pension Innovation Program

Alfred Slager and Martijn Vos are both lecturers in the TIAS Netspar Pension Innovation Program. This program provides people with the knowledge and skills to navigate successfully in the pension landscape. You will learn how to identify and address risks, stay up to date with the latest pension regulations, and provide well-founded answers to consumer questions and desires. Additionally, you will be able to play an advisory role in your organization's investment policy.

This program is offered by TIAS School for Business and Society in collaboration with the Network for Studies on Pensions, Aging, and Retirement (Netspar). The program consists of four masterclasses that can also be taken individually.

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