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4 career steps after a TIAS part-time MScBA

May 8, 2015 | 3 min read

Almost 80 percent of the TIAS part-time MScBA students get a new job during their studies. Due to the new knowledge and skills that graduates of the program possess, they feel confident in making a career step.

TIAS offers a part-time MScBA program, which combines work and study by taking what you learn straight out of the classroom and onto the business floor. This English taught international program attracts expats and internationally-focused Dutch professionals. TIAS also offers a Professional Development Program (PDP) to help students develop personally and professionally during the course of the MScBA program.

The TIAS strategy works. Upon graduation, 75 percent of the students have already taken a significant next step in their professional career. Here are four examples of TIAS students who changed jobs after – and sometimes even during – their part-time master of science in business administration at TIAS.

Changed from a meteorological background to a LEAN manager

‘This study not only helped me to get a job in the Netherlands, but also helped me by getting a job at the right level,’ says Cristina Hromei (Romanian, 31). She was a senior AR specialist at Phillips when she started her part-time MScBA with a finance specialization at TIAS. ‘My career evolution went from: Senior AR specialist to coordinator accounts receivables to project manager and a month ago, I became LEAN manager, all within the same company.’

The career development sessions helped Cristina to be aware of her qualities and highlight them in her job. ‘Also, it helped me to take the right direction in my career and to have a clear focus.’

Something else Cristina learned is time management. ‘The two years of study together with working full-time taught me to prioritize and deliver results on time.’ She also increased her confidence level in communication with others. And of course the study offered her a high level of financial knowledge. ‘I now know that I have the necessary financial luggage to do my job right. I use my presentation skills quite often and my managerial skills by leading by example.

Got promoted during a reorganisation

The company Saiying Xue (Chinese, 30) worked for went through a reorganization recently and due to her new knowledge and education with a specialization in finance, she was offered a new position in the finance department. ‘I applied for the new position, and got the offer’, says Saiying. ‘I have developed my knowledge in finance and have proven to the finance manager that I am very interested in a job position in finance. I got a new function in the same company.’ Saiying learned a lot from the TIAS Part-time MScBA. ‘I‘ve learned not only theory from the books, but also from the positive attitude from fellow students and skills. For example, negotiation skills during the personal development program. I am using what I learnt every day.’

From a technical background to a project management function

‘I am originally an aerospace engineer,’ says Deniz Özüncer (Turkish, 28). ‘I was working at ASML when I started with my master's at TIAS. My short term career objective was to become a project manager.’ The TIAS program was not only theoretical, but practically very relevant to her work. ‘I started to turn the theory into practice at work by taking initiatives, and showing interest in managerial problems. Eventually, I was offered a project management function at ASML which I happily accepted.’

The leadership skills developed are used actively by Deniz. For example building an effective team, managing the project team (content and people), planning and scheduling, coaching the team members and managing change. ‘TIAS provided me a good baseline with the core courses such as business economics, organisational culture and leadership, operations and supply chain management and unique skills with specialization courses such as coaching and consulting, business dynamics, change management.’

New inspiration and insights drive to higher ground

The part-time MScBA opens doors to a new dimension of yourself and allows self-reflection and self-improvement as soon as you walk through the door, be it through conversations with fellow students or the high quality lecture(r)s,’ says Ivana Subotic Galjer (Croatian, 31). Overall, she felt motivated to strive for higher grounds. ‘I believe my new employer appreciated both my ambition of studying for an MScBA as well as my newly developed confidence and professional approach in applying for the position.’ 
TIAS taught Ivana theoretic foundations, which are easy to apply. ‘These have given my work output more structure and have made it more effective. Dealing with different personalities and cultural and professional backgrounds at TIAS has provided me with the tools to recognize and translate these differences into my work environment. It made it easier to apply different communication and negotiation techniques with colleagues, when needed.’

What will be the next step in your career?

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