What can business learn from the Marine Corps?

October 19, 2015 | 1 min read

When we think of the Marine Corps, we often think of soldiers crawling through the mud or screaming NCOs.Discipline is useful in war situations, but it can also have advantages for business. Why is it that many successful people in business have a background in the Marine Corps?

Financieel Dagblad journalist and political scientist Frits Conijn wanted to find out what the 350-years-old Marine Corps can teach us about leadership. His book "Leren leiden" (Learning to lead) will be presented on Monday, November 16 at a meeting organized by the GovernanceLAB of TIAS School for Business and Society. In the run-up to this presentation, Frits Conijn spoke about his findings with Morris Oosterling, researcher at TIAS' GovernanceLAB.

Read the full interview with Frits Conijn on the GovernanceLAB's Dutch-language website.
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