Supervision of practical or paper reality?

By Edith Hooge | June 11, 2015 | 1 min read

What should external supervisors actually supervise? Should they supervise the paper reality or the practical reality, asks Edith Hooge in an article in De Nieuwe Meso of June 2015.

Image: © Nationale Beeldbank

There is an equally difficult problem for administrators, managers, and professionals: for whom or what do we do our job? Both discussions have different views, Hooge notes. "I think the truth lies somewhere in the middle, but that it is an art to find a sensible balance between “writing down” and “actually doing”, became clear to me during the final symposium of the Amsterdam foundation for quality support in primary education (KPO)." 

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Opschrijven, De Nieuwe Meso (2015, in Dutch)

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