Randstad and TIAS celebrate 20 years of partnership

June 2, 2021 | 1 min read

“From our history, core values, trust and drive for perfection, to our continuous innovation, ambitions and keen interest in one another – TIAS and Randstad are a perfect match”, according to Jacques van den Broek, Chief Executive Officer Randstad. On May 28, both organizations celebrated the 60th anniversary of Randstad and their 20-year partnership.

During these years, various talent development programs for the Randstad corporate employees have been developed and rolled out, ranging from a Global Senior Executive Program, Global Strategic Management Seminars, the Future Executive Program EU and the Fast Forward Program for Randstad Group Netherlands.

Jenke ter Horst, Dean & Director TIAS: “We see the complementary nature of Randstad and TIAS reflected in our core activities: Randstad as HR service provider and TIAS as an expert in education, connected by the shared aim of optimal development and utilization of people’s personal and professional capacities. All working towards a stronger, more sustainable and more inclusive society.”


The partnership is unique in the world of executive education. How do Randstad and TIAS keep each other on the ball? How do they work together to create development programs that inspire Randstad leaders while also linking up with the organization’s needs?

TIAS_Randstad_2_KAKarolien van Montfoort, Senior Manager of Global Learning & Development at Randstad, and Dr. Filip Caeldries, Professor of Strategic Management and Organization at TIAS, discuss what it takes to keep talent development vibrant and relevant in a constantly changing world.

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