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Part 1: To whom does the care academy Midden-Brabant belong.

February 13, 2014 | 1 min read

The health care sector will face a shortage of personnel in the future. Which is why health care institutions and vocational education institutes for health care training in Midden-Brabant are working on a ‘Care Academy’. This Care Academy combines the knowledge and skills of the health care sector and the educational institutes in order to timely train enough competent personnel. The preliminary design of the academy is based on a network organization.

At the time that she wrote the thesis, Marjolein de Leeuw-Reulen was manager of the Care academy and director of the ROC Tilburg, which is one of the parties involved. She conducted a study into the principles of network governance and the degree to which the preliminary design of the Care Academy meets these principles.

Scientific literature offers no ready answer to the question: what is network governance? The literature did, however, provide answers to the following questions: 'What are the principles of a network organization?' and 'What are the principles of (good) governance?'. By combining these answers, de Leeuw-Reulen hopes to gain an idea of the principles of the Care Academy Midden-Brabant and to use these principles to test and further develop the preliminary design for the Care Academy.

De Leeuw-Reulen reports on her findings in her article 'To whom does the Care Academy Midden-Brabant belong?'. She reveals the importance of shared ownership as a condition for shared responsibility and joint justification. Ad van Nierlo also recognizes the importance of this in his contribution to the theme 'Justification'. Part 2 of this series examine his contribution : 'Management wanter'.

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