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New administration model for municipalities is desperately needed

January 28, 2014 | 1 min read

Municipalities must rediscover themselves. Modern citizenship means that municipalities must organize their administration differently from the last century. Municipalities must also increasingly work together. A (municipal) cooperative could provide the solution.

This was stated by Mayor of Tilburg, Peter Noordanus, during the congress 'The cooperative in the (semi) public sector, smart cooperation!' (De coöperatie in de (semi) publieke sector, slim samenwerken!) at which the first copy of the book ‘De coöperatie in de publieke en semipublieke sector’ was distributed.

TIAS School for Business and Society organized this congress together with the Association of Dutch Municipalities (VNG). Prof. Dr. Mr. Ruud C.J. Galle, professor of corporate law at TIAS, opened the congress. "Ten years ago the cooperative was viewed as old-fashioned. Today it is once more considered as a democratically controlled enterprise for the long term.

Noordanus confirmed Galle's words. "In our quest to organize municipal administration differently the concept of the former cooperative can once more be applied in a new form. He was delighted to receive the book that Galle had written on the subject 'De coöperatie in de publieke en semipublieke sector' (The cooperative in the public and semi public sector).

The congress was attended by almost ninety municipal professionals. Municipalities are increasingly organizing products and services such as care, education, energy and broadband in the form of a cooperative. How can the parties in a municipal cooperative work together intelligently? That's why TIAS organized a free congress on this theme in association with the VNG.

Municipalities are increasingly choosing a cooperative for organizing municipal services, such as cleaning.Title: De coöperatie in de publieke en semipublieke sector (The cooperative in the public and semi public sector)
Author: Ruud Galle
ISBN13: 9789491725302
Publisher: Convoy Uitgevers BV

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