ESCF and TIAS establish themselves in the heart of high tech

February 4, 2015 | 1 min read

The official opening of the TIAS-ESCF Competence Centre in Eindhoven took place on Tuesday, February 3.In this new Competence Centre, TIAS and ESCF will be creating connections, collaborating and co-creating with international companies.This center is a logical next step in the partnership between TIAS, ESCF and the Technical University of Eindhoven, who have a history of collaboration.

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“The Operations Competence Centre is a lively environment where business and science meet. It is a place where knowledge-sharing and talent development in operations and supply management converge," explains Menno Maas, Associate Dean at TIAS responsible for Business Development.

Top programs in operations and supply chain

“The Eindhoven knowledge region is perfect for our business school to further develop our position. The professionals in this strongly technological and innovative region have a need for our top programs, such as the Master of Operations and Supply Chain Excellence and master classes that we offer in this discipline. Eindhoven is very attractive to talented students, knowledge workers, business professionals and investors from around the world. We want to take full advantage of that fact.”

For these international companies, the Operations and Supply Chain Competence Centre will be the perfect partner for obtaining talented personnel. This includes by providing access to the market of BSc and MSc students, LMS trainees and PhD students. Companies can participate in research projects and programs in order to bring science and practice into closer communication. Companies gain access to the most recent academic knowledge and insights, while the middle and top managers of these companies obtain an executive education and partners can share information and knowledge. 

About ESCF

The European Supply Chain Forum (ESCF) is the first European Operations and Supply Chain Competence Center. International, ambitious companies are brought together in order to forge a long-term relationship. This gives members the unique opportunity to share problems and solutions related to Operations and Supply Chain Management. They can share ideas and learn from other multinationals. ESCF offers a global, interactive platform and facilitates joint projects and research, and excels particularly in the area of SCM talent development and lifelong learning. 
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