Cost-cuttings in healthcare with surgical precision

By Bart Berden | October 15, 2013 | 1 min read

Insurers threaten quality, write four hospital administrators (including Bart Berden) in NRC Handelsblad on October 8. Insurers have to procure healthcare, but in doing so only consider the price and not the quality. "Establishing prices is also extraordinarily complicated.

Many care providers experience that buyers come and go which means that there is very little continuity or consistency. In desperation this leads to buyers adopting a one-dimensional financial target", the administrators write. Thy advocate precision and customization. "Procurement from a quality perspective. Reward innovation and punish the stragglers. More specifically, per hospital."

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Bezuinigen op zorg, doe dat met chirurgische precisie, 4 ziekenhuisbestuurders (2013) - in Dutch

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