A year at TIAS: lecturers are more than just teachers

September 27, 2018 | 1 min read

Recently, the FTMScBA Business Analytics students were taught by Paulo Goncalves from Brazil. FTMScBA student Linh Hoang (24) from Vietnam was so inspired by his teaching that she wanted to share her experience here!

‘He is one of the most amazing lecturers I’ve ever had. At the beginning of the module I was so impressed with the way he let us introduce ourselves one by one. He is funny and patiently answers every single question from the class whilst patiently trying to teach us about business analytics. More importantly though, he is altruistic, caring about society a lot.

One day, during our coffee break, he showed us some photos of the poor he took whilst working in Nepal. He wanted to remind us how fortunate we are and to appreciate what we have, not to take it for granted. I was crying by that point as it reminded me of my home country - Vietnam, especially the rural areas in which I participated in some volunteer work.

He then came up with a great idea of how to apply what we learned in class, optimization, to figure out how we could allocate all the world’s resources between the rich and the poor from all over the world equally.

At the end of the course, he spent 5 minutes discussing what he felt it meant to be successful before traveling back to Brazil.  For him, being successful is not about having a good job, earning a lot of money or being recognized by others, but is about doing something really small or simple. Doing something that really makes you happy. He continued by saying that we can all contribute to society by making ourselves ‘successful’.

The content of the course was great as well, not too hard, useful and practical, but I learnt so much more during the course than just about business analytics.

’Thank you Paulo Goncalves, for being such an inspiration to our students!

This blog was written by FTMScBA student Linh Hoang (24) from Vietnam. 

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