9 women in BoG of Dutch universities

By Mijntje Lückerath | June 4, 2014 | 1 min read

Of all of the 42 members of the Board of Governors of universities, 9 are female, which boils down to an average of 21%. With respect to the Supervisory Boards, 24 of the 74 members (32%) are female. As concluded by Prof. Dr. Mijntje Lückerath-Rovers in the report 'M/F-distribution in administrative and supervisory roles at universities and University Medical Centers'. Lückerath wrote the report by order of the Dutch Network of Women Professors (LNVH).

Scarcely any Supervisory Boards have female chairs: only 1 of the 14 members (7%) is female. 6 of the 8 UMCs (75%) have no female at all in the Board of Governors. Two UMCs have one female in their Supervisory Board. The situation is somewhat more positive with respect to the Supervisory Boards. All 8 UMCs have at least one female in their Supervisory Board. Six Supervisory Boards have 2 female members. However, it is clear that women are a minority in all of the Supervisory Boards.

And so there is still much to gain in the opinion of the LNVH further to the report of Lückerath. They therefore demand an obligation by law of a minimum of 30% women - and also at least 30% male - in the administrative and supervisory boards of universities and UMCs.

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M/V-verdeling in bestuur en toezicht bij de Nederlandse universiteiten en UMC's, Mijntje Lückerath (2014) - in Dutch
LNHV: 'M/V-verdeling in bestuur en toezicht bij de Nederlandse universiteiten en UMC's' (2014) - in Dutch

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