4 reasons why your employer should invest in you

May 15, 2019 | 1 min read

You’ve done your research and found a study program that’s a perfect match for your goals and ambitions. The next step is to convince your employer to grant you the time – and the funding – for your studies. When making your case, it’s important to focus on the potential benefits to your employer. You’ll want to emphasize how your studies will help your organization to grow and improve. We’ve laid out four arguments that can help you make your case.

1. Your employer will be getting a more knowledgeable and effective employee

A TIAS master’s program is hard work. You’ll not only learn a great deal, but you’ll also grow and develop as a person. You’ll learn to look at your work from a different perspective, strengthen your leadership skills and business acumen, expand your knowledge of the subject matter, gain a better grasp of theory, and use your new expertise to make well-informed decisions. These developments will naturally make you a better employee and colleague. You’ll also become a better discussion partner, not only within your own organization but also when meeting with customers and other business partners.

2. Your employer will gain access to the latest research and best practices

Would your organization prefer to follow the pack or lead the way? If they choose the latter, then it’s vital to have people with cutting-edge knowledge and expertise on staff. Your study program is the perfect way for them to accomplish just that. A TIAS master's program will grant you access to the latest scientific insights and familiarize you with best practices from leading organizations. Applying your newfound knowledge will result in fresh perspectives and solutions, giving your organization an edge over the competition.

3. Your employer can use your study program to solve specific strategic issues

Throughout your master’s program, you’ll work on assignments that are taken directly from actual issues facing your organization. These assignments can include papers, case studies, and even your master’s thesis. Your thesis will be an in-depth piece of research based on a specific strategic issue at your organization and is therefore of great value to your employer. Your research will be supervised by professors who can provide valuable advice, ensuring a high-quality result. In this way, you’ll serve as an internal consultant for your organization.

4. Your employer will be investing in your motivation and loyalty

Richard Branson said it best: “Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to.” Employers who offer their employees opportunities to develop themselves inspire greater loyalty than those who do not. After all, learning new skills is a great source of motivation. And motivated employees are productive, healthy employees.

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