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Education content vanishes in a Bermuda Triangle

January 8, 2015 | 1 min read

The content of education is the heart of education. Steering on content, in the Netherlands, is threatening to vanish into a Bermuda triangle, said TIAS professor Sietske Waslander at a conference on Future Leadership with Sean Covey on 8th January 2015. 

Within the triangle of government, teachers and education leaders, the content of education is created: what children learn and how they (can) develop. The role of the government is written in the Dutch constitution and it steers relatively little on content. Teachers stick strongly to teaching methods that are not bad, but are limited. A large majority of teachers does not teach the education they would like. At the third leg of the triangle, the education leaders, something remarkable is going on.

Dutch education leader have a different opinion of their role than education leaders in other countries. They focus less on content and many agree that is not their job. This is the reason, the heart of education is threatening to vanish into a Bermuda triangle. Right at a time, when steering on education content is very necessary, to raise and maintain quality levels. And to give any innovation a chance to succes.

This is the challenge for the education leaders of the future.

The entire presentation in Dutch by Sietske Waslander can be read here. 

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