Opportunities for Dutch companies in Mexico

November 7, 2013 | 1 min read

The Mexican market offers opportunities for Dutch entrepreneurs. In contrast to the Dutch market, the Mexican market is not considered to be saturated, Mexican companies differentiate on quality or innovation. This is one of the conclusions of the thesis of MScBA student Friso van den Broek . He compared the Dutch Small and Medium Enterprises with the Mexican market.

For his research Van den Broek conducted several interviews and surveys among Dutch and Mexican SMEs. For example, he asked companies about the changes in business the companies had undergone the last five years, and whether they had changed their strategy. His research showed that the majority of Mexican SMEs consist of family businesses. This results in business decision making that tend to be risk aversive, since next generations are expected to take over the business.

The Dutch market is considered to be saturated. Therefore, Dutch SMEs are forced to focus on a niche market. On the other hand, Mexican companies opt for a wider segment and differentiate mainly on innovation and quality. This reflects the difference between Dutch, consumer focused companies, and Mexican, business process focused companies.

Based on his research, Van den Broek wrote the book; Dutch and Mexican SMEs Compared in terms of strategy. This book is attractive for companies who are interested in investing in Mexico. Van den Broek makes an inventory of the different strategies of the companies in the two countries.

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Amazon.com: Dutch and Mexican SMEs compared in terms of strategy, Friso van den Broek (2013) 

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