Life after TIAS: working at McKinsey & Company

September 23, 2020 | 1 min read

How are our alumni doing since graduating from TIAS? Which carrier path did they choose and at which organization did they end up? And what advice do they have for current and potential TIAS students? Find out in this blog!

This blog post is written by Amelia Virgo from Indonesia | Full-time MBA alumna 2018-2019.

They said that graduation is not the end of the MBA journey, but it is a new start. My version of a new start is working in the Netherlands for 5 months at Amgen BV and moving back to Indonesia to start my new job as a Senior Capabilities and Insight Analyst of McKinsey & Company.

How did you get the job?

As all of us may know, the fifth block of the TIAS MBA program is the Group Business Project. My team and I got Amgen BV in Breda as our client. We were working really well with the support from coaches, both team coach and project coach. Long story short, our client was so satisfied with the result and requested us to help them implement the recommendations for 5 months. That is how I got my first job after my MBA.

What about the second one? Networking is one of the reasons I got my second job. One of my friends, Dwiardi, current TIAS FT MBA student, introduced me to his friend at McKinsey who was looking for a new Research Analyst. The process was quite long, I needed to pass one test and four interviews with a business case study in every interview. How did I get the material to prepare for my test? Again, from the help from my network.

What are you doing in your job?

As a Senior Capabilities and Insight Analyst at McKinsey, my responsibility is supporting the research for the clients. I work closely with consultants and experts to provide them with the most updated data and insights. Honestly, my working experience at Amgen has shaped the way I work. I became more brave in speaking up and sharing my thoughts.

My advice to you (current students)

Open up to any opportunity and do not restrict yourself to your own version of success. Expanding your network is one of the ways to help you capture as many open doors as you can!

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