Life after TIAS: 'Solidifying my ambitions'

April 26, 2019 | 2 min read

A blog post written by Ammara Naeem from Pakistan | Full-time MBA alumna 2015-2016

Before hopping on the adventurous MBA journey, Ammara Naeem spent her time exploring the field of human resources and developed a passion for its varied aspects. Her diverse background included life experiences in countries like Qatar, Bahrain, the USA and - of course - her birthplace, Pakistan.

‘Having completed my undergraduate education in the United States, I gained bulk of my experience at a US Consulate-affiliated school in Lahore, Pakistan. The role enabled me to wear several hats and evoked a keen interest in working closely with the business. To this end, an MBA appeared to be the next step in solidifying my future ambitions,’ she tells. An interview.

Why did you choose the TIAS MBA?

'Like every other prospective student, I spent countless hours researching the most suitable MBA program. This was followed by lengthy applications, essays, interviews and consequently the tortures of choosing among a number of offers from various schools. TIAS promised what I was looking for: a small class size where I know the name of every single one of my classmates, but most importantly the diversity. I believe an important component of an MBA’s grooming is to inculcate an ability to appreciate diversity. A business graduate must recognize the importance of working in an international environment, with multiple cultures and people from different backgrounds. TIAS promised me this experience, and lived up to it!'

How was your overall one-year MBA experience?

'Looking back, the MBA experience has had a major impact on me, both personally and professionally. As a graduate, I have acquired a degree but also friendship with people from 18 different countries. Even with the busy schedules and hectic workload, every step meant progress. From the trips to the EU Parliament to attending classes in Milan, each experience brought a different perspective to light. The year has been full of sleepless nights and exciting times. At the end, completing my master project was a sense of major accomplishment. It gave me the opportunity to finally apply everything I had heard and learned throughout the year and that is when I finally felt like an MBA.'

How will you use the knowledge and skills acquired through your MBA in the future?

'Of course, there have been numerous concepts that we have had to grasp in a short period of time. But as a result, I have gained confidence in my abilities and balance sheets don’t scare me anymore! I have learned that each process can be innovated and thinking outside the box creates your competitive advantage. I can think holistically, weigh the risks against the benefits and decipher the most appropriate solution. The MBA life was fast-paced and has given me skills to multi-task, learn to appreciate and give honest feedback, and realize the skill set of your team so you can utilize each member’s maximum potential.'  

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