Book on possible future for social housing in the Netherlands

March 20, 2014 | 1 min read

In the year 2014, the social housing sector is under much pressure. Scandals and cases of fraud, the renter's charge, European guidelines, population decrease and deadlocked markets force housing corporations to reconsider core tasks and earning models. The booklet 'Beyond the delusion of the day. On possible futures for social housing in the Netherlands' was introduced last Friday. The book provides policy-makers and corporation directors with material that may be inspiring in determining the long-term agenda that focuses on the social tasks of the future. In 4 essays, the authors offer helping hands with which to look beyond the delusion of today.

The book is the result of a co-operation between TiasNimbas Business School, the Tilburg School for Politics and Administration (Tilburg University), Radboud University and Aedes. From TiasNimbas, Prof. Dr. Cor van Montfort (project manager) and Dr. Martin Schulz participate. The 4 essays describe inspiring practices of the present day, as well as policy alternatives and future scenarios about the possible futures of the sector. The booklet is concluded with an essay that examines 'robust' options for actions.

Would you like to order the booklet? Then please contact Shirley Mahabier.

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