A year at TIAS: TIAS is a big family

June 3, 2019 | 1 min read

“Lekker" is a Dutch word and it means nice! It is one of the first Dutch words I learned when I started my study life in the Netherlands. And now I would like to use this word to describe my wonderful experience at TIAS.

One of the most important factors that helped me make the decision to study at TIAS is that TIAS emphasizes the importance of both theory and the practical, applied side of business. At TIAS, You will be treated as an intern-entrepreneur or pre-business elite instead of just a normal business student. For instance, apart from learning business theory, you are required to follow a program called Personal Leadership and Career Development Program (PCDP). In this program, you will be able to master some practical and helpful business skills which are really helpful to your future career such as effective communication, networking skills, personal branding, pitching skills, etc.

The campus of TIAS for the Full-time MScBA students is located in Utrecht, the fourth biggest city in the Netherlands. Like Amsterdam that is prosperous and magical, Utrecht is also a peaceful and elegant city with great history and scenery. What I enjoy doing most in Utrecht after class: socializing with my new friends and refreshing and re-energizing from the intense study, lying on the grass and enjoying the sunshine, eating herring in the Dutch way at the open-market.

Studying at TIAS is challenging but definitely worth it. Most modules run for 4 full days from 9am to 5pm which means you need to spend some time on pre-reading and self-studying also. Therefore, time management and self-discipline are extremely important. You will be assigned to a group with high diversity and work with group mates from many different countries and learn how to communicate as well as work with people from different countries and cultures simultaneously.

As an international student, you might face a lot of difficulties and challenges, both in daily life and during the studies. But don't worry, the staff, Program Managers, professors and classmates at TIAS are all willing to try their best to help you whenever you have any difficulties or problems. TIAS is like a big family and everyone is very close to each other, I am very grateful and happy to study and live in such an amazing family!

This blog was written by Full-time MScBA student Haojian (Ken) Ma (24) from China.

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