A year at TIAS: Rediscovering life away from home

May 14, 2019 | 1 min read

Not long ago I was bewildered deciding between continuing with the comfort of home and leaving everything to start a new life at a distant place. But what lied beyond was the biggest transformation I was going to see in my life!

I came across various B-schools during my hunt for the right school and program. However, given the beauty of the Netherlands and its culture, the recognition and proximity to Amsterdam, TIAS followed as a natural choice of B-school. Utrecht is a big and mesmerizing city in the heart of the Netherlands. Eight months down the line, I am yet to put a tick against all famous pubs on my list.

When it comes to learning, the MScBA program is an ideal mix of personal and professional development. The facilities and online learning platform of TIAS markedly enable the learning process. A typical class involves lessons, videos, case studies, and many to and fro discussions on topics. During the break, we can chat with fellow Dutch and international colleagues whilst snacking on fresh fruits from the basket ;). The individual assignments gave me a chance to apply my learning on own/provided case study and the group work gave me a chance to learn team-working and understanding group dynamics. Throughout the year, I ended up being a part of multiple groups which not only gave me a chance to work with many students but also to become close friends with them. The personal coaching sessions allowed me to develop multiple professional skills which will make the job hunt a cake-walk.

It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to make so many new friends, hence we make the most of it by hanging out often for parties or for traveling in and around the Netherlands. In eight months, I feel I have truly rediscovered a new life here, at a new place, among new people. With the gala dinner, study trip, thesis and the graduation left, there is still a lot to be explored and I am sure there are going to be even more surprises on this journey!

This blog was written by Full-time MScBA student Ajit Khaire (25) from India.

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