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Green energy label helps residential property sales

November 2, 2015

The new definitive energy label leaves green traces on the transactions in our housing market. A favorable A label increases the transaction price by more than 12,000 euros, while an unfavorable G label reduces the sales proceeds by more than 13,000 euro, both relative to the average D-label (see Figure 1 below, price impact per label category Q3 2015).

Researchers from TIAS VastgoedLAB have been studying the impact of energy labels on the housing market for more than five years. In January this year, the label has been replaced by a new generation of labels that are widely applied in the housing market. Over three-quarters of all surveyed transactions in the third quarter of 2015 concerned properties with an energy label. The researchers thus examined 27,044 labeled NVM transactions; large-scale data pool which showed that favorable energy labels increased the transaction price and accelerated sales. 

Read the full text on the Dutch-language website.
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