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From real estate to flexible estate: a mobile office

March 9, 2016 | 1 min read

The third industrial revolution is at the door, according to leading economist Jeremy Rifkin. The foundations of the second revolution - central communications, fossil fuels and transport based on combustion engines - will soon give way to communications via mobile networks, sustainable energy and transport organized via GPS control. But what does that mean for our real estate market?

One of the consequences for the real estate world can be seen as a trend: that of real estate to flexible estate. Both the way we use workplaces as well as our work itself, encouraged by new technological possibilities, ensure that the manifestations of real estate are changing. Flexible workplaces are popping up everywhere and permanent workplaces for one single employee (FTE) are history. But if we extrapolate this trend, where does it lead to?

Mobile office

We are getting older and older, raw materials are getting more and more scarce, but our technological possibilities are growing. Generally speaking, products are getting cheaper and more advanced. But our basic needs will probably remain unchanged. We will still need to sleep, eat, work and travel. In this respect, the design firm IDEO has a beautiful vision for the future. The office of the future will not only be modular, but it will be mobile too.

The TIAS VastgoedLAB likes to draw attention to stimulating ideas about the germane future. On you can read more about how mobile real estate may evolve in the future, and how real estate may become mobile. A good practice in relevant daydreaming.

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