Dr.ir. Ingrid Janssen

Dr.ir. Ingrid Janssen

Expert areas: Real Estate (Management, Strategies and Decision Making)



Ingrid Janssen is affiliated with TIAS School for Business and Society as associate professor of Real Estate Management. Through her research she hopes to contribute to the professionalisation of real estate management in all sectors in which property is used for business purposes or held as an investment. She specialises in the subject of retail real estate, which she sees as an exciting area of study due to the constant changes in consumer behaviour. She shares her knowledge as a tutor on the Masters Programme in Real Estate at TIAS. Following her appointment as Academic Director in 2013 she is now responsible for the content of the programme.
Before embarking on her career as an academic, Ingrid worked as a commercial real estate manager in the south of the Netherlands and was responsible for the management of a property portfolio with an emphasis on the retail trade. She began to pursue an academic career in 2000 and was appointed as a tutor at Eindhoven University of Technology, where she lectured on commercial real estate markets, operation of real estate, market research and decision making in the real estate sector. She combined her interest in retail real estate and decision-making theories in a thesis completed in 2011.


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