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Webinar: The DNA of inflation-proof real estate

By Dirk Brounen | April 13, 2015 | 1 min read

Identifying inflation-proof real estate for investment has become difficult. After years of favorable stability, real estate entrepreneurs have for some time now been dealing with unpredictable setbacks ranging from high vacancy rates to significant write-offs. The main challenge for the coming years is to be able to identify inflation-proof real estate in a rapidly changing market. But what does inflation-proof mean these days? And above all, what makes some properties inflation-proof and others not? 

Image: © Nationale Beeldbank

On Thursday, April 16th at 13:00, Dirk Brounen (TIAS) and Maarten Donkers (FGH Bank) will present and discuss a framework that can be used to estimate this future resilience based on a toolbox of measurable and available indicators.


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