Corona (COVID-19)

In the interest of a safe and healthy environment in which participants, teachers and employees can learn, meet and work, TIAS uses the following advice and measures in addition to a health check. We follow the guidelines from RIVM or the national government.

Health check

You are very welcome at TIAS if you answer all the questions below with “No”.

  • Are you experiencing cold-like symptoms, such as a sore throat, a runny nose, sneezing, a mild cough or fever, or sudden loss of taste or smell?
  • Do you suffer from severe fatigue?
  • Have you (or any other member of your household) tested positive for COVID-19, or are you (or any other member of your household) currently awaiting COVID-19 test results?
  • Have you (or any other member of your household) recovered from COVID-19 during the last two weeks?
  • Have you visited a “code orange” or “code red” area in the past 10 days (please check the government website for the current status of these areas)?
  • Do you live in a “code orange” or “code red” area (check the website of the Dutch government for the current status of these areas)?

If you answer one of the questions with “Yes”, we urge you not to come to TIAS. If you are able to follow the program live online remotely, please contact the Program Manager of your study program.

Advice and measures

  • Desinfection columns: when entering the building, everyone will be asked to disinfect their hands at the designated disinfection columns.
  • Registration policy: TIAS maintains a registration policy for everyone entering our building. The registration of visitors is strictly for contact tracing purposes.
  • Strict time schedule: we kindly ask you to adhere to the strict time schedule and that you directly go to the designated lecture room. Please do not hang around outside the lecture room or wander around the building.
  • 1.5m distance: the setup of our classrooms is such that we can maintain the 1.5m distance guideline at all times.
  • Prevent large groups accumulating: in order to prevent large groups accumulating outside of our classrooms and building, we strictly adhere to different start times and breaks. The program manager will inform you about the exact schedule of your program.
  • Designated seats: we work with designated seats. Once participants have picked their seat in the classroom, that same seat will remain theirs throughout the rest of the day.
  • Catering: Once your program commences at TIAS, you will receive further information on a number of relevant matters such as the use of our facilities (e.g. coffee and tea, lunch arrangements, etc.). Hygiene wipes are placed near the coffee machine. We request that you clean the display of the coffee machine after use.
  • Cleaning: Chairs and tables will be cleaned after each lecture. However, should participants wish to clean their chair and tables in between as well, disinfection materials are readily available and at everyone’s disposal.
  • Visible directions and guidelines: in order to point out the importance of hygiene and keeping distance between one another, directions and guidelines are visibly placed on the floor and walls via markings and posters.
  • The climate systems: The climate systems (i.e. air-conditioning and ventilation) at our Tilburg and Utrecht locations comply with the Program of Requirements for Fresh Schools 2015 (RVO NL) / Climate Class B and therefore meet the RIVM guidelines. This means that our ventilation system blows 100% fresh (outside) air into our buildings while completely extracting the indoor air.
  • Facemask: The spread of the coronavirus in the Netherlands has steadily picked up again since September. Therefore, as an extra precautionary measure, we strongly urge our faculty and participants to wear a facemask when visiting our buildings in Tilburg and Utrecht. As it will not always be practical to wear a facemask during in-class sessions (e.g. instructor’s clarity of voice, interaction with and between participants, etc.), participants and faculty may decide to remove these during class (i.e. only for the duration of the class and only in the room where the class takes place). At all other times when moving around in the public indoor areas inside the TIAS buildings, we strongly urge and request that participants and faculty wear a face mask.
  • Extra cleaning of facilities: all of our facilities will be cleaned thoroughly and more frequently throughout the day. In particular, extra attention and care will be given to restrooms, door handles and other physical contact points.
  • Restrooms: of course, you can make use of the restrooms. Please take into account the following guidelines: make use of the toilets nearby the lecture room, preferably not during breaks.
  • Social distancing and working from home: we also follow the guidelines of RIVM and the national government with regard to working from home. This means that you can only meet TIAS employees personally on the campus in Tilburg and Utrecht if they have a necessary program or location-related task.  

The complete range of programs

Look here for the complete range of all our programs. Do you have a question about a TIAS course? Contact our program advisers on +31 13 466 8641.

Further information about the Coronavirus

TIAS School for Business and Society and Tilburg University are closely following the developments surrounding the Coronavirus. Updates will be provided via the Tilburg University website. They are in contact with the GGD and RIVM. 

Impact of the corona crisis on business and society

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