Camilla van den Boom MSc

Camilla van den Boom MSc



Camilla van den Boom (MSc) is a strategist specialising in how to lead, manage and develop companies. She has 25+ years of experience in strategy development, strategy deployment and organisational (re)design within large and medium-sized companies. Camilla worked as a management consultant for Accenture, Andersen and Deloitte, helping clients to develop business strategies, innovative business models and agile organisations. She heads the strategy consulting firm sturrm., a company that helps clients to develop business strategies and agile organisations by doing research on the future.

Camilla is lecturer in Strategic Management at TIAS School for Business and Society. She is also a faculty member at several TIAS in-company programmes on Strategy, Organisation and Leadership. Camilla is also affiliated with Eindhoven University of Technology and guest lecturer at various international universities.

Camilla conducts research on how companies can craft the future. She combines proven management theories with new innovation techniques, design thinking and scrum processes. Her research focuses on the development, organisation and realisation of business strategies in an ever-changing context. Not only does her research centre on what companies need to do to be(come) successful, but also on how they get it done.

Camilla is the author of the book 3458. 3458 is a method for business leaders who want to make their business stronger, smarter and faster. It describes why many companies are under pressure and how they can learn to deal with the new, rapidly changing reality. The book presents concrete tools that business leaders can use to crack the code how to make their company future-proof.

Camilla is a renowned speaker in the areas of Agile Strategy Development, Business Model Design and Organisation 3.0. She shares her experience as a strategy consultant and lecturer in an interactive setting in which she involves the audience in discussions, exercises and drawings. She speaks with humour, energy and flair about how to design and realise business strategies for a sustainable position in today's market.

Camilla holds a MSc degree in International Business from School of Business, Economics and Law at University of Gothenburg. She additionally studied at University of Brighton and University of Lüneburg. She speaks English, Dutch, German and Swedish.

Camilla is a member of Mensa International.


  • Strategic visioning & positioning and goal setting
  • Development of business strategies & innovative business models
  • Design of agile organisations and the 3458 rhythm & cadence
  • Development of an entrepreneurial mindset & getting things done 
  • Business transformation and organisational dynamics