The Preparation Module (VoMo)

The preparation module is a program in preparation for the discipline-specific modules of the master. This module has been developed in order to bring the knowledge and skills of all participants in the group to the same level, so that everyone can optimally profit from the substantive modules of the master. The preparation module consists of three knowledge areas:

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Quantitative Methods
  • Academic Reading and Writing 

The objective of the preparation module

Have you got an HBO diploma? Then participation in the lectures is mandatory (no exemption). You must successfully pass the tests for the components of the preparation module that apply to you, before you can start with the Executive Master.

Have you got a WO diploma (bachelor or master)? Then the preparation module will offer you the opportunity of brushing up your necessary basic knowledge. Participation is not mandatory. But we recommend that you study the online modules and participate in the lectures and assessments. 


The master's Academic Director may grant exemption for the tests of the components Accounting and Finance and Quantitative Methods. Any exemptions will be determined with you during the intake interview.

Have you got an WO diploma? Then the Academic Director may decide that one or more components of the preparation module are applicable to you. This can happen if you have a WO diploma in another discipline than the Executive Master.


The costs for the preparation module are € 300 per component. Are you not obliged to participate, but you would still like to brush up your basic knowledge? Then participation is possible at no cost.

More information

Do you have any questions? Then contact your program advisor. 

The preparation module is for participants in:

Esther van Zijp
Esther van Zijp
Program Adviser