Pre-Master's Program

The pre-Master’s program is a program in preparation for the discipline-specific modules of the Executive master. This program has been developed in order to bring the knowledge and skills of all participants in the group to the same level, so that everyone can optimally profit from the substantive modules of the master. More specifically, the pre-Master’s program is mandatory for participants with an HBO background (higher professional education) who wish to start with an Executive master. For participants that have a university degree, the pre-Master’s program is optional. There is also the possibility to separately take the pre-Master’s program, i.e. without registration for an Executive Master.

How is the pre-Master’s program constructed?

The pre-Master’s program consists of the following modules:

Accounting and Finance
The online and in-class modules consist of two modules: Accounting and Finance. The objective of this module is to expand and refresh academic and analytical basic knowledge of accounting (financial external reporting) & finance (corporate finance). Assessment: after every lecture day you take an online test. If you pass 2 out of the 3 tests, you will be exempted from the final test.

Quantitative Methods
Basic skills of statistics are covered within this module. On the one hand you will be tested on interpreting and drawing up different types of graphs, on the other hand you will learn to apply the basic functions within statistics. After the final lecture day you will make an online test.

Academic Reading and Writing
This module aims to provide you with an academic skillset needed to successfully start a master program. The emphasis in this module is on researching, reading, assessing and writing scientific literature. After the final lecture day you will write an academic paper (literature review) to show that you have mastered this skill.

Business Research and Reports*

This module shows which designs, methods and techniques are suitable for a particular research project, and how elaborate this in a research proposal. High-quality information is critical to management's decision-making process. This input is often based on research conducted to investigate or anticipate behavior, market opportunities and drivers of success or failure. This requires knowledge of research methods to provide credible results.

*This module is only offered to participants of the English-taught Part-time Master in Business Administration.

When will the pre-Master’s program be offered?

Executive Masters

This pre-Master’s program is for participants of:

 Starting Month 2021    
 Lecture days (9:30-17:00 hrs)             Location   Language          
 November  November 2, 9 and 16, 2021  Hybride    Dutch


 Starting Month 2022      Lecture days (9:30-17:00 hrs)             Location    Language          
 January  January 11, 18, 25, 2022  Hybride                Dutch
 March  March 15, 22, 29 2022  Online  Dutch/English
 June  June 7, 14, 21 2022  Hybride   Dutch
 September  September 6, 13, 20 2022 Online  Dutch/English
 November  November 1, 8, 15 2022  Hybride    Dutch 

Deeltijd Bedrijfskunde and Part-time Master of Science in Business Administration

This pre-Master’s program is for participants of the Deeltijd Bedrijfskunde or Part-time Master of Science in Business Administration.

  Starting Month 2022

  Lecture days (9.30-17.00 hrs)



  May 2022

  Saturday and Sunday



  September 2022

  Saturday and Sunday



Please contact the program advisor of the master you are going to follow.

What are the costs of the pre-Master’s program?

The costs of the pre-Master’s program are € 300,- per module. Are you not required to partake in the module, but wish to refresh your basic knowledge? Then it is possible to get access to the online materials at no cost. If you subsequently decide to participate in all of the modules, without it being mandatory (lectures, literature, assessments and feedback) then this is possible at the usual rate of € 300,- per module.

Furthermore, the Academic Director can determine that one or more components of the pre-Master’s program apply to you, even though you have a university degree. For example if you have a university degree in a different area than the Executive master. 


If you are obliged to take the pre-Master’s program before the start of the master, you will do all three or four modules. Unless you start with one of the Executive masters below:

• Master in Finance (exempt from Accounting and Finance)
• Master in Business Valuation (exempt from Accounting and Finance)
• Master of IT Auditing (exempt from Accounting and Finance)

Furthermore, the Academic Director can determine that one or more parts of the pre-master's are applicable to you, even though you have a university degree. For example, if you have a university degree in a field other than the master program of your choice.

More information

Do you have any questions? Please contact your Program Adviser.

Emily Franken
Emily Franken
Program Adviser
+31 13 466 86 02