Working at TIAS: Amy van Hest, Digital Marketer

April 21, 2023 | 1 min read
Amy van HestAmy van Hest has been employed at TIAS as a Digital Marketer since 2017. “What appeals to me most about my work as a Digital Marketer is the ability to contribute to the integration of marketing and technology. That energizes me. TIAS is the right place for me. I am given the freedom and responsibility to continue developing my digital marketing skills, and I am also part of a great team.


At the moment, we are working on the further development of our TIAS website and of the CRM system we use to integrate our marketing automation tooling. With regard to the website, we are working to set up a new digital platform that is much more strongly centered on user experience. Our department is also aiming for an increasingly data-driven approach. To enable that, our CRM system requires further optimization.


I was there when marketing automation was first introduced back in 2019, and it’s wonderful to see that we’re now ready to take it to the next level. As a Digital Marketer, such developments affect your own development as well. I’m the product owner for both our website and the CRM system. I received special training to support me in this role.


If you want to assume autonomy and responsibility in your role as a product owner, you are given that room. For example, we have managed to take our CRM system’s data quality to a higher level because I investigated possible improvements together with my counterpart in IT. And once we identified them, we implemented them.


Of course, I also collaborate extensively with the other members of our marketing and sales team. Supposedly, there is always a certain level of tension between sales and marketing, but that definitely does not match my experience at TIAS. Instead, I feel we are working towards the same end; focusing on how to make things better and easier for our customers.”


Two business analysts joined our team recently. We knew we were sitting on a data gold mine already, but going through things with them has served to reveal its true potential. I really enjoy subsequently using that as a base to take our marketing automation to a higher level together. This benefits TIAS, but ultimately and much more importantly, our customers.”

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