Top tips for a healthy work-life balance

May 8, 2019 | 1 min read

Most people strive to maintain a good balance between their jobs and their personal lives. But at the same time, nearly all of us struggle to actually achieve it. We want engaging, inspiring jobs, but also plenty of free time to enjoy life. So what’s the key to establishing a healthy work-life balance?

Balancing work and personal life

If you find your job enjoyable and fulfilling, you’ll leave work feeling energized. The reverse is also true: work-related stress, such as from a heavy workload, actually saps your energy and disrupts your work-life balance. A lack of control at work can have negative consequences for your home life, affecting you socially and/or financially. If this happens, the balance between your work and your personal life can become disrupted.

In order to maintain a good work-life balance, it’s important to feel satisfied with your job. Getting along well with your coworkers, feeling sufficiently challenged, and having opportunities to develop yourself can all contribute to job satisfaction. But while it’s natural to want to grow and develop professionally, your career shouldn’t come at the expense of your personal life. Finding the right work-life balance is a major challenge for anyone interested in boosting their career. How can you ensure a good balance?

Know when to ask for help

Getting your work under control is a good place to start. You might need a little help with this process, such as by working on your leadership skills, learning to become more customer-oriented, or getting up to speed on the latest developments in your field. Participating in a study program can help you with these goals. You’ll learn to distinguish key issues from secondary concerns and to set priorities. Choose to invest your time in things that you find fulfilling and turn down things that drain your energy. A good study program will also help you to manage expectations more effectively, resulting in greater peace of mind.

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