The Dutch Female Board Index 2013

By Mijntje Lückerath | September 5, 2013 | 1 min read

Dutch stock listed companies have an increasing number of female supervisory board members. This was revealed by the Dutch Female Board Index 2013. The percentage of women on supervisory boards has risen to 18%. In 2012, this figure was still 13.7%. (Reference date: 31 August 2013)

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Over a third of the new supervisory board members (34%) are women. The European quota, at least 40% female supervisory board members has already been met by four companies: DE Master Blenders (50%), DSM (43%), Unilever (42%) and Wessanen (40%). The Dutch statutory target figure, at least 30% female supervisory board members and board of director members has not been formally achieved by any companies. PostNL is very close (50% and 29% respectively).

The Dutch Female Board Index of Prof. Dr. Mijntje Lückerath, professor of Corporate Governance at TIAS School for Business and Society, shows the progress of the share of women in the supervisory boards and boards of directors of Dutch stock listed companies since 2007. This year, the increase is greater than ever. For the first time the majority (62%) of the stock listed companies now have one or more women on their supervisory board or board of directors. The increase is mainly the result of the number of female supervisory board members; this number increased by twenty. The number of female directors increased by just one. The current trend means that supervisory boards will be able to meet the Dutch statutory target figure after the 2016 shareholder season. With regard to female directors this will take until 2055 with the current growth rate. The European quota, 40% for supervisory boards by 2020 can easily be achieved before 2020.

Directors are replaced more quickly

The Female Board Index also includes other data related to the composition of the boards of directors and supervisory boards of Dutch stock listed companies. It appears that the average director is replaced after 5.3 years and the average supervisory board member resigns after 6.9 years. This is somewhat briefer for both groups than in 2012. A relatively high number of supervisory board members left between 2012 and 2013: 62. This figure was 'just' 36 the previous year for the same 85 companies. The average age of a supervisory board member is 61.8 and 53.1 for a director. Women in both groups are considerably younger. Of the current 445 supervisory board members, 30% come from abroad but this percentage is significantly higher among female supervisory board members (44%).

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The Dutch Female Board Index 2013, Mijntje Luckerath (2013) - in Dutch

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